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why choose Brussels Kvas?


Produced by the natural process of fermentation, one of the happiest mistakes of human history :-)


Most of the internet resources say that kvass is made from bread, while the old kvass was traditionally made from grain.

The confusion (most likely) comes from two facts:

one - in some languages, such as Polish or Russian, the full kvass name translates as “bread kvass” (although it may not necessarily be made from actual bread),

two – there is a variation, made from stale bread, but it is more of a homemade version (or you need tones and tones of stale bread of the same kind to get consistent result from batch to batch)...


Brussels Kvas is a raw drink, which means it continues to ferment in the bottle.

Despite this fact it will maintain its nutritional and taste qualities for up to 3 month at around 3-5°C (i.e. keep it in a fridge!). And we are continuously working to extend that…

The coolest thing about a drink like that is that you can “adjust” it to your liking!

For example, if you like it more savory and more fizzy, just take it out of the fridge for a few days. That’ll speed up the fermentation process.

If you’re going away and want to store it as long as possible, keep it at a close-to-a-zero temperature and the fermentation will almost stop completely... 


Brussels Kvass contains less than 1.5% of alcohol because the type of fermentation.

We use lactic acid fermentation, which is different from alcoholic fermentation, used in beer production.

The difference it that lactic acid fermentation does not produce alcohol. The minuscule amount is there due to wild yeasts, spontaneously penetrating the mixture from the air during the fermentation process.


We only use natural ingredients and processes. Rye, barley, water, sugar and ferments. No additives of any kind…


BK contains 10 times less sugar then a conventional soft drink.

As a member of the "fermented family", Brussels Kvas has beneficial effects on the digestive tract.

Also, as we mentioned before, it is not pasteurized. Which means that all the probiotics, vitamins and other goodies are perfectly intact...



It derives from a traditional Slavic beverage called kvass that has been around since the middle Ages. Its origins go back even further, to the ancient Egyptian times...

So, the concept we are presenting to you has actually been proven by the hundreds, if not thousands of years.

This type of drink is still popular today in countries like Russia, Ukraine, in Eastern and Northern Europe, Baltics and even in some regions of China.

Surprisingly, it has been virtually unknown in the Western World...


The entire story of this project is connected to the Brussels region.

It was here we came across a plastic bottle of kvass that was so bad that it triggered our curiosity and passion that ultimately led to the creation of this project.

It was here we found the solution to the problem of a short shelf life that was intrinsic to the original old drink. It had been holding us back until we finally discovered the "magic" formula and thereafter decided to call it Brussels Kvas because it happened in Brussels.

Throughout our travels, we have found that most people know Brussels as the capital of the European Union.

Many have tasted, or at least heard about, Belgian beer.

But surprisingly few people know how rich the Belgian brewing culture actually is.

While telling our story, we invariably explain the deep historical roots and diversity of brewing in Belgium. And it sparks curiosity and interest wherever we go.

Brussels is a vibrant, energetic, cosmopolitan place where history, present, and future coexist in true harmony.

Brussels Kvas is nearly a perfect reflection of that because it represents a fusion of cultures spread across times and borders.

We hope that just like Brussels inspired us, this project can inspire and show other people that putting our differences aside and working together can bring about amazing results.

what our customers are saying...

I have received today the box with kvas. Put it in fridge and had some with my lunch. I loved it, it tastes maybe even
better than хлебный квас I remember from Moscow.
It is natural, it is tasty and different from all the other beverages on the market.
Thank you

Marian Vakos, via Email

Son goût rappelle celui d'une bière blonde mais plus doux, sans être trop sucré pour autant. Difficile de trouver un élément de comparaison familier, mais c'est pétillant, frais, et  désaltérant. L'expérience est concluante!

Matthias Bertrand, Journaliste @ilico.be

Excellent service - they went as far as to deliver the product on a holiday and even added a congratulation card when they were informed that their product was a birdthday present. The taste of the kvas was excelent!

Svetlana Choucharina, Google

This quarantine weather is getting pretty hot these days, refreshment required! And there it is, delivered to your doorstep! Fresh, practical and refreshing. What a nice drink for the summer. 

Andreja & Goran's Photos in @goran.lepen Social Media Account, Bigsta.net

Tried this lovely low alcohol (0.5-1%) drink @ife_event by @brusselskvas.
Brewed using rye and barley to an ancient recipe which goes back to Egyptian times. Very refreshing and naturally low in alcohol.

simon.b.vernon, Instagram

Not a beer, but a fermented rye and barley kvas from the @brusselskvas project via @gastro.beer. Similarly to kombucha, this is a fermented cousin of ale - often stocked on the same shelf - but without the hops. The lively earthy nose takes a while to get used to but taste-wise it's fresh and sweet - my first thoughts are of low carbonated cola with a slight hint of honey and caramel; it's not beer but a decent alternative.

underonebeer, gastro.beer on Instagram

Lekker, fris en niet alcoholisch. Kinderen mogen hem ook heel graag! Delicious, fresh and not alcoholic. Children like it too! #SaveWaterDrinkKwas

Iryna Brouckaert, Facebook

Tried this lovely low alcohol drink Brussels Kvas! Brewed using rye and barley to an ancient recipe which goes back to Egyptian time. Very refreshing and naturally low in alcohol

Simon Vernon, Food Professional UK

What a delicious product. Taste of my childhood. Cannot get enough! All the success to the company from a new permanent client. 

Oksana Kovale, Facebook