New! Brussels Kvas Bread

We are very exited to present you a new version called "Brussels Kvas Bread".

Why bread?

Because the first thing we do is making a very special bread: we use premium quality rye & buckwheat flour, adding fermented rye malt and filtered water and then we cook it at precise (rather low temperature) for at least 6 hours  so that starches in flour, are broken down into sugars, including glucose, maltotriose and maltose. 

Then we increase the temperature to caramelize the sugar which will give  additional flavor to the drink. The full baking (or should we say brewing) process takes from 24 to 48 hours.  

Once we obtained a nice, flavored bread, we will infuse it in a pre-prepared hot water to get all the flavors out of it. 

Next step is to add an unique combination of lactic ferments and wild yeasts which will consume the sugar we obtained and will produce us a lactic acid, a little of alcohol and CO2 which will make our drink naturally sparkling.


After weeks of fermentation and maturation in a bottle in a controlled temperature, Brussels Kvas Bread is ready to be consumed.

It has a pronounced taste of fermented rye bread, has acidic taste & slightly sparkling. It has a lovely light yellow color (as you can observe from the picture below).

We advise you to drink it very cold as it is or adding a slice of lime, mint or ginger juice.  

As you could noticed, Brussels Kvas Bread had a long way before coming to your table, but this is the right, authentic way to make a bread kvass.


The quality and authenticity always come first @ Brussels Kvas.

 As usual, Brussels Kvas Bread is not pasteurized. Keep it always in a fridge!

Santé! Hope you like it!

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